The New Dead 3 Metal Festival


Truth Inc Records presents:
THE NEW DEAD #3 – Metalfest Adelaide
Saturday November 10th Fowlers Live – 68 Nth Terrace Licensed All Ages. (ID required to drink Alcohol)

The New Dead 3 Metal Festival

Doors 12:30pm – 11:30pm
Playing times:
Doors 12:30pm
1:00 – 1:20 – HEADBORE
2:00 – 2:20 – FOR THE VULTURES
2:30 – 2:55 – OATH OF DAMNATION
3:40 – 4:05 – SEVER HILL
4:20 – 4:50 –ART:IN:EXILE
5:05 – 5:35 –KYZER SOZE
5:50 – 6:20 – ELYSIAN
6:35 – 7:05 – DEPRIVATION
7:20 – 7:55 – ROME
8:10 – 8:45 – LYNCHMADA
9:00 – 9:35 – TRUTH CORRODED
9:50 – 10:25 – SEBONKIRA
10:40 – 11:30 – BELAKOR
Truth Inc Records is proud to present Adelaide’s biggest day of Aussie metal: THE NEW DEAD METALFEST #3, featuring more upcoming great metal talent from Adelaide and interstate alongside some established favourites and major touring bands.  This year we would like to welcome the following interstate acts to the fest:
Headlining the event are Melbourne’s BE’LAKOR who have just returned from an extremely successful European tour where they played massive metal fests like Summer Breeze & Brutal Assault alongside the worlds best metal acts, make sure you see why BE’LAKOR are becoming one of Australia’s best metal bands and why they are loved so much in Europe and beyond.
Queensland has 3 bands representing this time around with headcrushers LYNCHMADA leading the charge, after recent tours with The Cavalera Conspiray and the Whiplash fest these guys know how to deliver an audio barrage like no other. Out of the ashes of Devolved & The Bezerker (2 of Australias finest and most extreme acts to tour the world) comes ROME, these guys will absolutely destroy all in their wake – you have been warned. And rounding out the QLD contingent are new comers KYZER SOZE who are establishing themselves as the band to watch in the Aussie metal scene with their intense Death hybrid thrash brand of metal.
We welcome DEPRIVATION (NSW)back to our shores after a massively successful tour of the USA where they showcased their Aussie take on the Pantera / Lamb of God style of groove / thrash metal. Always an intense live show these guys will be tighter, meaner and hungrier than ever so prepare for a right old thrashing.
Melbourne’s ELYSIAN have been causing a big stir in the metal scene with their latest album ‘Wires of Creation’ a huge slab of Melodic Death metal in the vein of Arch Enemy / Soilwork etc but with a more musical twist, these guys are surely gonna break on the international scene very soon. Don’t miss them.
Adelaide has always had a strong representation at THE New Dead as it really is a showcase of the talent we have here. TRUTH CORRODED have been busy since the release of their last album ‘Worship The Bled’ touring Asia, Japan, Australia numerous times and a huge European tour alongside death giants Krisiun, Malevolent Creation & Vital Remains. Their live set is always a highlight and always very very intense – The pit will be in for this one.
Se BON KI RA are locked away completing their debut album but have been let out of the cage for this one show to demonstrate why they are at the top of their game, thrashing grooves that will split your skull. Melodic, Heavy, Industrial and original ART:IN:EXILE are a band with no boundaries with a solid fan base and big shows nder their belts these guys and girls will be one of the highlights at THE NEW DEAD #3. SEVER HILL and BEYOND TH EOBLIVION are 2 hard working Adelaide bands that have been solidly playing the Adelaide circuit for over the last year or so, armed with new releases for the show these guys are definitely leading the pack when it comes to the new Adelaide metal scene.
Satan arrives early at The New Dead with OATH OF DAMNATION featuring ex members of brutal Adelaide acts Beyond Mortal dreams and Darklord you already know you are going to be beheaded by the this dark, evil symphonic black metal act. And lastly opening up the day we have 3 great upcoming local acts FOR THE VULTURES (Brutal deathcore), FORTUNE FROM TRAGEDY (melodic, metalcore, thrash) and HEADBORE(intense groove metal) who are just itching to show off their own brands of metal and prove that Adelaide is in good hands.
There you have it the line up for THE NEW DEAD #3 – a diverse and very heavy day of Australian metal and one not to be missed.
Tickets are available through Moshtix for only $18 (plus BF) or $20 on the day. No matter what style of metal is your preference come to THE NEW DEAD and you may just discover your next favourite band. HORNS!!!
More about the bands on THE NEW DEAD #3
A dark, melodic death metal band from Melbourne, Be’lakor has quickly come to be regarded as one of Australia’s most creative metal acts. The band’s international reputation has grown rapidly since the release of their 2007 debut, “The Frail Tide,” and its 2009 follow-up, “Stone’s Reach.” Their newest album “Of Breath and Bone”, released this year has brought further acclaim, and comes as a follow up to their recent explosion onto the metal scene; with huge festival slots and international support acts around Australia and Europe. They have brought their unique and epic dark melodic death metal sound to massive events such as Summer Breeze Open Air Festival in Germany in 2010, and their shows supporting the internationally renowned Alestorm and Turisas on their Australian tours. Drawing influences from ancient mythology and the perpetual struggle between destruction and life, Be’lakor creates songs that take the listener on a compelling journey. With an already impressive but ever growing fan base, and having just returned from another successful tour in Europe where they played Germany’s Summer Breeze Festival and the Czech Republic’s Brutal Assault Festival Be’lakor are sure to continue their domination of the metal scene, and should not be missed at this edition of The New Dead!
South Australian extreme thrashers Truth Corroded have been touring pretty much non-stop since the release of last years acclaimed album ‘Worship the Bled’ with successful tours of Japan, Sth East Asia and Australia and the recent European tour which saw the band play alongside death metal giants Krisiun, Malevolent Creation & Vital Remains under their belts, Truth Corroded are ready to decimate the stage and deliver an intense, fast, heavy and crowd raging set that only they can deliver.
Produce honest, hard hitting, pure Australian metal that challenges, questions and invokes response. With a ‘heart on their sleeve’ style and a raw energy that cuts through the often over processed sound of modern music, SE BON KI RA brings a fresh insight to the heavy metal genre. The name SE BON KI RA is an ancient Haitian proverb meaning “good is rare”. It is this belief in the precious nature of our opportunities that drives SE BON KI RA to passionately express their truth.
after a successful tour with The Cavalera Conspiracy and the upcoming Whiplash Festival Queensland metal crushers LYNCHMADA return to Adelaide to destroy The New Dead fest with a sound that relies on driving rhythms and pummelling grooves backed by a strong dynamic. Their latest album released by Truth Inc Records ‘TO THE EARTH’ (mixed and mastered in the U.S by renowned metal producer ZEUSS -HATEBREED, CHIMAIRA, SHADOWS FALL, ACACIA STRAIN, WHITECHAPEL and more) appeals to a broad range of heavy music listeners who thrive on bands such as the DEFTONES and KARNIVOOL through to MESHUGGAH and CHIMAIRA. LYNCHMADA are a force to be reckoned with – You Have been warned.

From the ashes of 2 of the biggest Australian international metal bands, DEVOLVED and The BERZERKER, comes ROME!

After completing their first full length album (Amalgam) early in 2011, Deprivation have been on a mission to destroy stages and fans alike. Starting with multiple Australian tours in support of Amalgam, they have shared the stage with: Frankenbok, Truth Corroded, Lynchmada, and many other bands. Deprivation then crossed the Pacific to do a US tour with: Short Fuse, Prey for Sleep, and Casket of Cassandra on the Zombie Apocalypse Tour, playing many historic metal and rock venues. Destroying clubs and gaining numerous fans in America, Deprivation have returned home to play some Australian shows to finish up the year (The War Faction Bunker Party 9, The Whiplash Festival IV Tour, and a show with Hypocrisy and of course are honoured to be playing this year’s New Dead Metal Festival in Adelaide). In early 2013, Deprivation will be hitting the recording studio to lay down their sophomore album, and are preparing Australian and US tours in support of it.

Elysians music is powerful, driving and extremely confident. They blend their passion for straight up metal and progressive rock in a way unheard of in the current national and international heavy music scene. Elysian’s latest album ‘Wires of Creation’, storms its way through eleven tracks of hook laden, flowing dark melodies, technical solo interludes and snarlingly evil vocal work. Some bands aim to have their songs sound disjointed by dramatically switching between genres; that’s not what Elysian have done, the whole album flows, it attacks and it releases, its aggressive but gives you time to breath and take it in.”

Kyzer Soze is a 5 piece Death Metal band from Brisbane trying to bring their relentless brand of death metal to the world. Kyzer Soze have made a name for themselves for having a relentless live show filled with energy and entertainment. Kyzer Soze has to be seen to experience the power of their music and performance.
Art:In:Exile’s latest album, entitled ‘Æon Somnia’ (mixed and mastered by the legendary Jens Bogren from Fascination Street in Sweden – Opeth, Katatonia, Swallow The Sun etc), runs the full spectrum of music, from industrial, to melodic death, to extreme to classic metal to produce a wall of crushing metal, swirling melodies, and soaring vocals. Truly the pinnacle of the bands career to date!

If you’re Severed once, you’re Severed Forever, and SEVER HILL’s fans prove it. SEVER HILL provide the ultimate fusion between Death and Thrash metal, with some locally-influenced Metalcore-style sounds thrown in. Hailing from Adelaide in South Australia, SEVER HILL have shared the stage with such acts as TRUTH CORRODED, HYPNO5E(FRA), Deus Ex Machina (SINGAPORE), ISAW, OCTANIC, ARCADIA and more, and never fail to smash out a spectacle of unrivaled power and brutality. With a 4-Track Demo, two singles released and our Debut EP RESURGENCE coming out in October the future is promising for SEVER HILL, with a full-length Debut album currently in the writing process.
Beyond The Oblivion formed late in 2010. We are a progressive metal band from Adelaide, South Australia. We are currently recording our debut EP due to be released late 2012.
Unearthed and held before a Cadaver Synod, and beheaded posthumously,the spirit of the vengeful Pope Formosus resides within this death/black metal quartet. An oath of damnation is cast upon all, unleashing blasphemous sermon over an onslaught of dark, symphonic death metal destruction. Darkness is that which claws from the grave, and darkness in Metal it shall bring…
What do a T-Rex, a Volcanic eruption, and Adelaide’s latest Deathcore band ‘For the Vultures’ have in common?……. Straight out brutality! Combining sporadic gutteral vocals, sensory overloading guitar riffs, pummeling bass groove, bone crushing breakdowns and destructive percussion, their unique sound would serve as the perfect soundtrack to a carpet bombing raid on furry animals…. With a demo and merch already available and an EP in the sights by the end of the year, keep an eye and an ear out for these guys!

Fortune from Tragedy finalised it’s lineup in 2011 following some member changes. Pushing the boundaries of metal, they strive for the hardest riffs between face smashing breakdowns. Soaring guitar melodies meld with hardcore screams to provide their core sound, while the drums and bass drive a truly brutal force to be reckoned with. Fortune From Tragedy’s massive sound is progressive, energetic and aims to be heavier, harder and faster with more riffs and melodies than anyone on the scene.

HEADBORE formed late 2011 and have already made an impact on the Adelaide Metal Scene. With an emphasis built around song structure, the music while brutal in element still has traces of melody. With fast guitars, furious beats, thunderous bass, aggressive vocals and energetic live show all aspects of your metal needs are covered. The band is currently recording with a release date due in early 2013. Check out their facebook & soundcloud pages for access to 2 songs to get the blood pumping.

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