In the midst of finalising song writing for the new album we’ve started making arrangements for getting this heavy thing down on disc. We want to make sure that we’re ready to roll with recording, mixing, pressing and release as soon as the songs are finished.

Which brings us to some awesome metal news that we’re simply busting to share… We’ll be working with UK’s Grindstone Studios (Cradle Of Filth, Sylosis) to shape the new material!



A while back we got hold of UK band Sylosis’s album Edge of the Earth, which is fucking brutal. The song writing and performance are intense. What also stood out to us though is the incredibly clean recording quality. With an eye out for who was doing what in the world of metal mixing and recording, we were driven to get in touch with whoever had been at the helm of desk for that amazing piece of work. This lead us to get in touch with Grindstone owner/engineer Scott Atkins for a chat about our project. As we said to him, recording and mixing metal is a fine art and he has created an unbelievably clean canvas for Sylosis to paint on. It wasn’t until after discussing things with Scott that we realised Cradle of Filth have also recorded their last two albums at Grindstone! Scott informed us that he will be doing their upcoming 2012 album too…



We’re stoked to say that we’ve struck a deal with Scott to fit the mixing of our album in between the Cradle of Filth job and UK thrash titans Divine Chaos who are recording their debut with him later in the year. We reckon Edge of the Earth is as clean-as-a-whistle and heavy-as-a-steam-train, so we couldn’t be happier with having Scott involved in our project. Check out a couple of photos of Grindstone’s homey set up.



We’ll be recording over here in SA to Scott’s specifications and sending sample tracks back and forwards to make sure the sound capture gives him what he needs to pull an almighty mix out of it all. Between emails, international postage and Skype I’m pretty sure we’ll feel like we’re spending a bit of time in UK mode over the next few months. We’ve been really impressed with Scott’s professionalism in negotiating this arrangement and his upfront nature in telling us what he will need in order to create the product we envisage. We hope he knows we’re good for our end of the deal \m/



We are excited to be working with Scott and Grindstone to present our new material in killer fashion. Due for a late 2012 release the album promises to be a fitting follow up to our debut EP One Thousand Ways To Be!. If you haven’t got a copy of that yet, grab one from our on-line store, give it a spin nice and loud and let us know what you reckon so that we can consider your feedback as we finalise the new tracks for the album.


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