speaks candidly to SE BON KI RA metal guitarist Mike Brown just before they made their debut at the Adelaide Big Day Out in 2010. Mike Brown goes in to detail about the experience both past and present.


When asked by “What’s the best part of being a band playing the SA leg of the Big Day Out?” Mike response with;


“Because there’s not much metal on the bill, most of our usual local crowd didn’t buy tickets and some of them are spewing now! For us though it means that we get to play live to a new crowd that probably haven’t seen us before and may choose to come out and see us doing local shows in the future. That is awesome exposure that we wouldn’t be able to achieve in any other way.


It’s so cool to be able to just cruise on down to the showgrounds where you remember as a kid dropping your fairy floss off the chair lift and dodging the vomit on the Gravitron, to play amidst a line up of international quality bands. You know what I mean? This place is our backyard and now we get to own a small patch of it for 45 minutes and kick some arse! That’s an awesome thing for a hometown band.


The other thing for us as a local band is what else may result from being on the bill, like offers of support spots when internationals play in town, etc. It’s great exposure for the SE BON KI RA brand and we’re not going to be shy about using it. Hopefully we can share it around a bit too. There’s plenty of good quality Adelaide metal talent out there. We want to promote the scene and inspire the metal heads who only come out of the woodwork for international shows to get out on a regular basis and support local artists who are often entertaining crowds at their own expense.


Come to local shows, pay your entry fee, which is usually less than the price of two drinks, and have a blast with good people and good local talent. So many bands are under-rated just because they “belong” to us. Sometimes it seems like if they came from somewhere else, we would appreciate them more. Anyway end rant here, I just love the richness of our scene and want to see it as proudly and highly regarded as it should be!”


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