Live Music Adelaide & SE BON KI RA talk recording, live gigs, and what’s in store for 2013!

rencontre gratuit pour les hommes  “LIVE MUSIC ADELAIDE”  FEATURES THE ORIGINAL INTERVIEW… SUPPORT THE SCENE. SEE WHAT OTHER MUSIC GOODNESS LMA HAVE ON OFFER!!!     Heavy hitters SE BON KI RA are gearing up for a massive album release and more shows over the coming months, which will please metal fans to no end. Live Music Adelaide caught up…

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Taking what SE BON KI RA knows to the GRINDSTONE!

visit homepage In the midst of finalising song writing for the new album we’ve started making arrangements for getting this heavy thing down on disc. We want to make sure that we’re ready to roll with recording, mixing, pressing and release as soon as the songs are finished. Which brings us to some awesome metal news that…

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